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tv   All In With Chris Hayes  MSNBC  June 17, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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nt to save the life of fertalized human egg, how much more important it is to protect the ability of this planet to sustain human life itself. here pope frances is perfectly consistent and his right-wing critics including presidential candidates are not. that's "hardball" for now. thank you for being us with. "all in with chris hayes" starts right now. >> tonight on "all in." >> i'm running for president as a businessman that doesn't need money. >> the lone billionaire funding his own campaign heads to new hampshire. >> i don't need money to fly in. i fly in very nicely. >> tonight, why america needs donald trump's campaign. then the new republican super pac straty that would make cobert and stewart blush. >> i can not coordinate with you in any way. >> plus reports of a nationwide crime wave that doesn't really exist. >> this is part of a disturbing trend called the ferguson effect. >> and how big coal is literally
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coaching republicans in congress to take down the pope. >> i respect the pope. i think he's an incredible leader. but i think it's better to solve this problem in the political realm. >> "all in" starts right now. >> good evening from new york. i'm chris hayes. it was the first full day on the campaign trail for the only billionaire involved in the republican presidential race who is actually running for himself instead of footing the bill for someone else. donald trump took his presidential campaign to new hampshire today speaking at manchester community college one day after announcing his presidential run in a rambling 45-minute speech at trump you toer in new york that prompted international outrage, kept fact checkers very busy and, of course provided plenty of fodder for america's late night comedian. but they aren't the only people treating it as a joke. the consensus is that while his candidacy is great entertainment, it's terrible for
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politics. he is the car accident candidate that will drain seriousness from the campaign. there is a very good case to be made that he is an ideal edition to the republican field in our post citizens united era. a world in which presidential conditioned dates spend much of their time courting and favor with a small group of billionaire donors. donald trump we have harare thing. a member of the wealthy donor class who is actually running himself instead of simply spending his fortune to prop up someone else. consider his republican presidential rivals senator marco rubio for one is bank rolled throughout his political career by a billionaire auto dealer named norman brieman. much of the money behind senator ted cruz's campaign is coming from a reclusive wall street hedge fund magnet named robert mercer. billionaire casino mogul whose money allowed newt gingrich to stay in the race in 2012 is dieding who to back this time around and leaning toward rubio. some of these mega donors made their views clear mshgs, many refuse
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to discuss their beliefs publicly. consider what happened when foster freeze sat down with our own andrea mitchell back in 2012. >> this contraceptive thing, my gosh, it's such inexpensive. back in my days they use bear aspirin for contraceptive. the gal's put it between their knees and it wasn't that costly. >> donald trump is eliminating the middleman. there is no slick politician. instead, we get pure unfiltered unadulterated billionaire doanousdoan ous donor class in. our politics are controlled by a bunch of people with plenty of money but not necessarily any more common sense than the donald himself. joining me now, prize winning journalist david k johnson, contributor writer at "newsweek." let me start on this.
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mr. trump presented all of us with what looked like a word document with some numbers on it showing us how rich he is. i guess the first question is do we know he's a billionaire? the guy declared bankruptcy a bunch of time. he gets very touchy about anyone suggesting. i mean clearly he's rich what do we know? >> donald has a long history of not paying bills on time. not repaying banks he borrowed money from and a failed enterprises in his wake. and having his name put on buildings in which he has little or no ownership interest and collects fees. donald used to be closely associated with atlantic city and by his own account always had a negative investment in it. the only network statement released, i got it showed that in 1990 his banker said his net worth was at a time when he said he was a multibillionaire minus $295 million. at that time at least both you
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and i were worth more than donald trump. >> so let's bracket for a moment this sort of question. let's take him at his word. if it's not the numbers he said does he have a lot of money through the celebrity apprentice. he made a lot of money through that the branding that helped revive him in that. you're someone who reported on the donor class. you reported on the ways in which the donor class manipulates the tax code particularly and lobbies. i think this is just an important reminder to people that you have no idea if you sat down with any of these billionaires who are appearing at these events behind closed doors if they would make any more sense to donald trum fp they would sound any less offensive than he did. you the american voter, you don't know who's behind that door and whether they're any saner than donald trump. >> well, what you goat see in donald is the utter contempt that many of those who are bank rolling some of the other candidates hold for the american
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public. trump in his remarks managed to not only offend all sorts of people but to also make it clear that he thinks the president is a dictator. congress would have no role in the world that he would like to see. and people like sheldon adelson, their view of the common american is just one of utter contempt. the reason for that is that these are people who are run by money. they base their value on how thick their wallets are and not on the content of their character which is very often quite shallow. >> and this is a key point here as well. people in the left particularly when we -- when we evaluate the sort of money and politics and what the super pac era looks like. there's a tendency to focus on perceived quid pro quo or favor trading. i'm a hedge fund billionaire. i want to keep that going. i give money to candidates to
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keep that going. that is true. obviously that, happens. but there is also just a lot of like daffy i had yoe sin crowcy that's people have who happen to have huge amounts of money that allow them to essentially subsidize candidates to indulge in their own i had yoe sin crowcies. >> sheldon adelson owns two personal 747s one chf is equipped for skate boarding in the sky by his youngest heirs. how wonderful to have the pilot do this while you're skate boarding. they don't have anybody working for them whoever corrects them or disciplines them in any way. and so they develop this attitude that is completely con temperature shoous of everyone around him. so it is important to understand what is really going on here particularly in the republican side of the party. he's also very good i hope, to bring forward the idea among
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people that we shouldn't be opposed to the idea of people being better off and being wealthier. we should ask the question why is this handful of people are getting all these gains and everybody else is struggling in america? the bottom 90% now back down to the income levels of 1966 and 1967 the bottom 80% having their incomes fall over the last five years according to brained new report the irs just put out. >> and unless you think i'm painting with too broad a brush, here's a letter from the club for growth. this is a group that lobbies hard on tax issues. very opposed to increases of taxes at the top. to donald trump. >> they pay money to get people voted out. they vote out bhoem are not radical anti-taxers. >> and here is a question for donald trump, this coming after a meeting with him where he expressed interest in donating. this is the transactional stuff that is happening in the
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background all the time. now we have this person who is willing to come out there and sort of say all of it. i think it's incredibly useful. he is willing, according to a hollywood reporter, to pay actors to cheer for him, hollywood reporting they offered actors $50 to clear for him at a presidential announcement. that is sad, i have to say. always a pleasure. thank you. >> thank you, chris. >> all right. perhaps most offensive line uttered by donald trump yesterday and not easy to pick was this one -- >> when mexico sends its people they're not sending their best. they're not sending you. they're not sending you. they're sending people that have lots of problems and they're bringing those problems with us. they're bringing drugs. they're bringing crime. they're rapists and, some i assume, are good people. >> mexico's interior minister
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lambasted that comment as prejudicial and absurd and the national council of laraza responded this is an exceedingly silly man who has no idea what he's talking about. but if you think donald trump regrets the comments, well, you don't know donald trump. >> if your speech today, you said that "some rapists are coming across the border with mexico." what did you mean fwha? >> you have rapists. they're not the finest people. they're sending us people -- and it's people from other than mexico, also. we have drug dealers coming across. we have rapists. we have killers. we have murderers. why, do you think they're going to send us their best people and finest people? the answer is no. >> joining me now, the reporter who wrote the profile of trump and today published a victory lap piece suggesting he mckay helped trick the man he called america's troll into running for president. mckay so there is a lot i want to talk about. i can't get over this verb
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sending. they're sending. they're sending. o no one is sending anyone. it's like -- >> exactly. >> you, you, you. head north. >> this notion that mexican government is choosing groups of people to send across the border is really amazing. >> we can't send her back. >> it's really hilarious. it is indicative though of like everything that donald trump says is not only like obviously cartoonish and ridiculous and ludicrous, it's also patently designed to troll and offend and make people blink. >> this is the mckay grand unified theory of donald trump trolling. you flew around with him. it is really fantastic piece which i'll post on the facebook page. and you basically said this is a guy who just is addicted to provication. he's addicted to attention. but he'll never run for president because he's not so addicted that he wants to invite
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the amount of actual scrutiny. now yesterday seemed to prove you wrong. i mean the thesis of your piece is the guy will never actually do it. so were you wrong? >> well so -- yeah. this was january or february of last year when i wrote that. i mean i don't actually think -- i don't actually think i trolled or tricked him into running for president. what i do think happened is that, you know right around the time that i kind of descentally found myself inside hisself bubble of, you know, yes men and lavish wealth he was kind of coming to terms with the fact that his whole charade of 25 years of pretending to almost run for president and getting tons of attention was kind of collapsing all around him. and the only way that he could keep it going, the only way he could get the respect, validation, the -- whatever, the serious attention of the political ee elites he craved so
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much is to say i am running for president of the united states. the piece i wrote today is an update. the grand unified trump theory. i think that he is basically -- i will say that i'm surprised that he is so desperate for this validation and attention from the political class that he's actually willing to run. it risks all kind of humiliations for him. i don't understand what his exit strategy is. his entire brand is premised on this notion that he's a winner and everyone who doesn't like him is a failure, pitiful loser, right? so how is he going to square that idea that, perception with the reality that he's in ninth place in the republican field and my guess is probably won't ever crack the top five or six. >> although, i think part of the thinking here is that he will crack the top ten which is all he needs to get into the debates and, look, i mean if you came to anyone and said do you want to go stand on a stage at a
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televised presidential debate as a presidential candidate where, you know millions of people will be like who i do want to vote for president and you're up there? that sounds look a tremendous amount of graphy task conferred upon you. >> i think that's right. i think the general theory if you want to be president you should just run for president because at least there's a chance. the problem is that there's more on the line with donald trump. this is not like one of, you know, this is not marco rubio or scott walker who if they lose they still have like real jobs and, you know actual records. like donald trump is a performer. that is premised on organizing principles that i think are going to be threatened if he can't find some way to bow out of this race at some point while at least in his point saving face. >> that is a big question. he said the words yesterday. there is a bunch of legal things you have to do to actually run
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for president. and it remains to be seen whether this is just -- he just pushing the con a little longer this time or you know what do you think the odds are that we're going to see an fec filing? >> this is the thing. he didn't actually file an fec filing. it's not as though that's a really tricky thing to do. there are 300, almost 400 people who have declared officially for the presidential -- their presidential candidacy. you know, fit were anyone else any other candidate, i would give them the benefit of the doubt and say they just -- you know, they're, you know crossing the ts and do thing is. with donald trump, every time does he this he pushes it a little bit further so he can squeak out one more headline and, like i'm still not 100% convince the he's running for president. >> that is really i mean it remains to be seen. it does look -- i was sort of following a few people yesterday who were talking about what legally he has to do. it does appear that he actually
5:16 pm
can be in debates before there are any official filings which that might be -- maybe he saw that opportunity and thought that is the best of all worlds. >> correct me if i'm wrong, i think he has 15 days, now 14 days from saying that he's now running for president to officially file the paperwork. >> he thooz file the initial paperwork. any disclosure stuff he can do later. >> that's true. that is the big question. he is actually willing to do a serious financial disclosure? i write the piece the financial disclosure he released is a dream board than a certified financial document. it is just like what he hopes -- >> just post it online like a pdf. i have $8 billion and it's microsoft word and this mckay coppins, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> what do do you when the name of your super pac violates election rules? carly for america has a capital idea. and jeb bush tells the pope to butt out on climate change.
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the uninsured plummeted to a 15-year low. >> it hasn't plummeted. >> yeshgs it has. >> it has not plummeted. it's gone from $44 million to $40 million. that's not a plummet. >> no that's not true. based on the pugh dat yashgs you think that's true? >> yes that, is true. >> tonight another installment in our series judd gregg is wrong about obamacare. the former senator, former governor andly ly&and i had that dispute. yesterday we showed you that according to this survey ways right and he was wrong. senator greg's response was basically to redefine obamacare and say the medicaid expansion should not count as part of obamacare. the chart reflects the expansion
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of medicaid which sin dependence of obamacare and could have done without it. even though i think that's nonsense, let's accept the premise. let's look at just the states that have not expanded medicaid. here's what that looks like. the uninsured rate drop from 21.4% in 2013 to 14.4% in the first quarter of this year. that means the uninsured rate dropped by a third even in the states that have no medicaid expansion. now, say what you want about obamacare. the one thing you're really can't say is that it is not reducing the percentage of inin uninsured. the one thing that is true is it is reducing the amount of uninsured. by the way, in all 50 states and all adults the rate dropped to 10.1% this new survey raising the possibility according to forbes the uninsured rate could reach the single digits for the first time ever. with royal caribbean's wow sale. our biggest sale of the summer ends today.
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super pac for presidential candidate carly fiorina has a new name after they rejected the old name. the old name was carly for america. it's new name is carly for america. now the words it's new name is carly for america. allow me to explain. the entire 2016 presidential election with the likely record setting number of serious contenders is taking place not just in an atmosphere in which billions of dollars will be raised and spent, but it will take place in a legal gray area about what the actual election rules of the road are. thanks to citizens united and an essentially deadlocked fec,
5:23 pm
specifically the relationship a candidate is allowed to have with his or her super pac or pacs. the super pac or pacs is supposed to be separate with no coordination between the kantd date and the super pac. but everyone understands they can get away with moving in the same direction even in lock step. carly fear ina decided to test one of the simplest clearest rules meant to separate the super pac from the candidate. the rule the superpac may not have the candidate's name as part of its name. rather than platitude like right to rise the name of jeb bush's superpac the carly fiorina super pac called itself carly for america. the sec informed that the super pac you must amend your statement of organization to change the name of your political committee so it does not include the candidate's name and/or provide further clarification regarding the
5:24 pm
nature of your committee. so the carly for america super pac said fine. they changed the name officially to the following acronym, conservative authentic, responsible leadership for america. the carly for america super pac went from this to this. that's right. did not change. the website looks the same before and after. carly as a name. carly as an acronym which is in a nutshell the absurdity of current finance law. someone that joins us now, ellen winetroub. are you going take this? you are just going to take this? this does seem to be like pretty flagrant thumbing nose at the regulatory commission entrust bid we the people to oversee the rules of an lection. >> first of all, chris, i love the fact that you included a sentence that said the fec took action. i'm always thrilled when the fec takes action. so i'm glad you were able to work that in. and as you know i can't talk
5:25 pm
about individual candidates and what they may or may not be doing. but the fec has sent out notices about names of committees and there are rules on names of committees. >> okay. so here's my feeling about this. at least -- like -- okay. so there is a rule you can't name the committee to the name of the candidate. but in some sentence isn't that just deceptive? i mean like no one -- everyone understands what's going on with every super pac and it's associated candidate. no one's confused about this. and, yet we have to have this legal pretense that they're separate even though all of us covering this everyone working in the super pac and on the campaigns, everyone in the meelda world and the staffs everyone knows what the deal is. this seems really dangerous to me to allow this mockery to continue. >> well, actually the rules on naming are designed to prevent deception. to make sure that when donors are giving money and when voters are listening to information,
5:26 pm
they know who is talking to them. it is indeed the candidate or is it somebody else? and a super pac would be somebody else. >> but if somebody else in name only. that's the problem. is it post citizens united and lower court opinions afterwards that crafted the legal terrain that resulted from citizens united? there's very little separation, right? i mean legally between what the super pac does and what the candidate does. >> well i disagree with that. there are rules on the books that talk about coordination talk bin dependent action and the supreme court was very clear that the entire premise of super pacs, the reason they can raise unlimited amounts of money is because they have to be independent of the candidates. i don't think this is a technicality. i think it would be better if we had rules that were specific to super pacs. i've been trying to get those rules on the books. and, in fact, my colleague and i have petitioned the agency to put some new rules on the books including rules on coordination with super pacs.
5:27 pm
but in the meantime, there still are general rules on coordination even if they don't mention super pacs and the rules apply. i think the real problem is that fec is not been doing an infective job of enforcing the rules that are already on the books and, therefore, there are a lot of folks out there who think they can push the envelope and nobody is going to push back. >> right. you make a great point. there are two issues. ambiguity about where the line is. and then there's the fact that you and your colleagues who are entrusted the responsibility tone force the rules, i mean the fec is not a -- i don't know what the right word how to say this politely to you, it's not a particularly functional enterprise at this point. am i right? six commissioners, you're kind of deadlocked 3-3 on the most important issues. >> this is unfortunately true. but i'm not going to stop trying, chris. as i have said before and will say again, i continue to believe that progress is possible. we're trying to make some progress on some procedural matters on at least moving the
5:28 pm
cases through the system more quickly. and i'm get something positive feedback from my colleagues that they actually want to work with me on this. >> but here's a key point, right? okay, i'm sitting in someone's office in the hillary campaign. at some point there is a lawyer in the room. we're thinking about trying some innovation in fund-raising or something we're going to do with our super pac. you're going to take a little bit of legal risk. it's unclear whether that is going to pass. someone else in the room says, well, we may as well try it. what is the worst that happens? like two years from now after i'm in the whis we get cited by the fec and have to file paperwork and return donations? what is the teeth? >> or like an individual who was just recently sentenced they could end up in jail for two years. or longer. because the justice department is looking at coordination cases and has just concluded one. so i think it's a big problem that i've heard from lawyers that they tell their clients, well maybe nothing will happen
5:29 pm
or you might go to jail. well, that's not very good system where there's nothing at the bottom and then only the most severe penalty at the top end. i think we need to do more. we have to do more and enforcement is a big, big issue. it's a problem for lawyers also in advising their clients. >> yes. what the heck the law s that conviction was in a federal race. >> yes. >> congressional. >> in virginia. >> and that was a staffer that went to prison? going to go to prison? >> it was a campaign operative. it was -- he was a high ranking campaign operative who wasn't the candidate. >> well there you go. not the candidate. staffs protect yourselves. lawyer up. the fec commissioner,s is going to be quite a ride. >> i don't think it's quite as in unclear as you say it is though, chris. even with the lack of enforcement to date, there are still rules on the books and we can enforce them and people really are acting at their own risk if they ignore them. >> you're optimism is admirable.
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all right. like, well i think whoefrn has watched the rachael dozeral story unfold i have a lot of feelings and thoughts about what this means and what it is that we're all watching. but it's increasingly clear to
5:34 pm
me that at least some of the confusion and conflict around reactions to the story stem from the fact that when we talk about rachael dolezal, we're talking about two things. one, we're talking about a actual human being who is 37 years old, born in montana and attended howard university. a person who is estranged from her religious parents who home schooled her because she alleges there was sexual abuse in that home. a person whose brother is about to stand trial for sexual abuse of a minor. a person who has adopted one of her black adopted brothers as her own son apparently to remove him from that household in question. and someone who all in all it appears had a pretty intensely traumatic experience of childhood. she's also a person who may have possibly faked hate crimes against herself, who sued howard university for discrimination and who appears to have engaged in a fair amount of let's say, deception and misdirection with those around her in her adult life. now, the other thing we're
5:35 pm
talking about when we talk about rachael dolezal is what she remains which is the magic of race, a thing real and yet unreal, invent the and imaginary yet razor sharp as barb wire and far, far more dangerous to people on the wrong side of its confines. in the news business we're always on the lookout for small specific stories that illustrate larger themes and issues. which is a big reason that rachael dolezal's story is big news. it's a perfect opportunity to wrestle with the hard to pin down concept of race. but, i guess after watching the interview yesterday and after talking to melissa and seeing some of the reaction online to those conversations, i have increasingly come to the conclusion that story of the individual shum human being is just too specific and aclueded by a swirm of very intense personal issues to be the prism through which we view the massive question of just what
5:36 pm
race is and what it means. and what's more that by focusing on dolezal herself, we're being led astray tempted into an unsettling conclusion about racial authenticity and the biological basis of race that are dubious and ultimately morally corrosive. as lawyers say, hard cases make bad law. and one things that clear, i think, is that rachel dolezal is a very hard case. audible safety beeping audible safety beeping audible safety beeping the nissan rogue with safety shield technologies. the only thing left to fear is you imagination. nissan. innovation that excites. i like my seafood like i like my vacations: tropical. and during red lobster's island escape, three new dishes
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well roundup has a sharp-shootin' wand ♪ ♪ i'm sendin' them weeds to the great beyond ♪ ♪ roundup ♪ yeha! [ whip cracks ] ♪ ♪ ♪ no need to pump just point and shoot ♪ ♪ hit 'em in the leaves and it kills to the root ♪ ♪ 'round fences, trees, even mulched beds ♪ ♪ 'cause the only good weed is a weed that's dead ♪ ♪ roundup ♪ yeha! [ whip cracks ] [ male announcer ] roundup... [ whip cracks ] with a one-touch wand. the past year we've seen a shift in the debate about the criminal justice system. a remarkable confluence between grassroots activists and policymakers that say four decades of criminal justice policy have to be reformed and corrected if not dismid atlanticed root and branch. that conclusion is shared even by people who advocated for the policies in the first place. like hillary clinton, who devote devoted first major policy speech of her presidential
5:40 pm
campaign to criminal justice reform. this was her back in 1994 lobbying for the crime bill proposed by then president bill clinton which he since repudiated. >> this bill would have put more police on the street would have locked up violent offenders so they could never get out again woshgs would have given more prison construction money available to the states as well as the federal government. but also would have dealt with prevention giving young people something to say yes to. it's a very well thought out crime bill. >> and this was hillary clinton speaking today in south carolina not far from her police officer fatally shot walter scott in april as he was running away. >> there's a lot more we have to do on training and recruitment and community policing and more interaction with the community, with the questions the unfairness of incarceration falling more heavily on african-american men than, you know, others and so we have a lot of other work to do.
5:41 pm
>> the campaign told nbc news that clinton called walter scott's family while she was in the area today. part of what was -- has enabled this moment of re-evaluation and reform is the historic drop in crime over the quarter century. property crime has fallen 43% nationwide and violent crime has fallen 51%. now the people who oppose reform argue that crime is on the rise again. and it's all because of effort business activists, officials in the media to reign in police. there is even a name for this phenomenon coined by a "wall street journal," the ferguson effect. joining me now, franklin zimring, author of "the city that became safe: new york's lez son for crime and control." mr. zimring, you have seen the arguements that go like this. starting in ferguson we've seen the protests against police misconduct. that has forced police to stop becoming pro active and now crime is spiking. what do you make of that
5:42 pm
argument? >> well there are only three problems with it. the first problem is crime isn't spiking. and indeed there is no national pattern at all. the second problem is that therefore, there is nothing that can you go back and say since august of 2014 there has been a sea change in crime and it is attributable to something else that happened in august of 2014. if there's no effect then it can't be a ferguson effect. but the third problem is that if it were the case that putting police under real pressure would put at risk effective crime prevention through policing then the place to study that is
5:43 pm
not baltimore and it isn't st. louis because baltimore had a problem that is only about two months old. st. louis and ferguson only go back to the middle of last year. but the new york city police department has been under tremendous pressure from federal courts and the political process and a new mayor for 2 1/2 years. so we've had a litmus test of whether that kind of pressure to reform policing is going to have impact on the capacity of cops. and you have seen police unions and some complicit police officers reducing minor arrest patterns. you've seen stops and frisks plummet. what's happened to crime?
5:44 pm
and that's the good news. it turns out that miss mcdonald to the contrary notwithstanding crime levels in new york in year three of the pressure on the police are as low as they have ever been. homicide is up slightly to 135 after five months. that means they're aiming for about 335 for the end of the year. that's about a 2013 level. it may not get to last year's all time low. but burglary and robbery are at all time low levels. so what you have is almost a controlled experiment. >> and that shows that we're still at historic levels.
5:45 pm
i'm reading your book right now which is excellent. i want to you have back on to talk about that. i think it's a big part of understanding this. franklin zimring, great pleasure. thank you very much. still ahead in a battle between the coal industry and pope, where do you think the republican candidates line up? [husband] gaby's natural beauty moment... [husband] gaby,amor,es para ti. [gaby] customer second please. [gaby]hija¿podemos enviar 10 cajas más a miami? [daughter 1] ¡claro! sofi...
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5:47 pm
>> you would buy putin. you would buy him off. >> i wouldn't buy him at all. i'd be able to get along in, my opinion with putin. it's possible not. but i think i would have a very good relationship with putin. >> all right. >> donald trum's feel aside, one of the many reasons for the frostiness the current relationship between u.s. and russia is the involvement in ukraine, specifically russian soldiers if ukraine, the existence of which he denied. now a brand new documentary shows proof that russian soldiers are in the ukraine thanks to the soldier selfies. this one is wild. don't go abay. -- away. nol but it was 6 pills a day. with aleve it's just two pills, all day. now i'm back! aleve. all day strong. ♪ mamas, don't let your babies grow up to be cowboys ♪ ♪ don't let'em pick guitars and drive them old trucks ♪ boys? ♪ mamas, don't let your babies...♪
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at a press conference tomorrow, broadcast live and translated simultaneously in at least four different languages, the vatican will unveil the first incylical addressing man made climate change. the much anticipated document
5:50 pm
which leaked earlier this week is already incredibly controversial and already drawn fire from catholic republicans running for president. earlier this moshgs rick santorum said the pope should leave science to the scientists and stay away from controversial scientific theories. this week jeb bush is taking a shot of his own. >> i think religion ought to be about making us better as people and less about things that end up getting into the political realm. so i'm a little skeptical about this. >> now it appears none other than big coal is sending around talking points to stick it to pope francis. greenpeace obtained an e-mail sent to congress by tom altmeyer, a lobbyist for arch coal the e-mail provides talking points on how the encyclical fails to address the tragedy of global energy poverty. a tragedy, of course that, only coal can fix. of course it's the world's poorest who are already bearing the brunt of climate change the
5:51 pm
most heavily which is why it's also the world's poorest nations leading the charge for justice. and say what you want about the catholic church. it's strongest right now in the global south. where the effects of climate change are the clearest. so something tells me it will be easier to spend memories of congress than the pope. unbelievable! toenail fungus? seriously? smash it with jublia! jublia is a prescription medicine proven to treat toenail fungus. use jublia as instructed by your doctor. look at the footwork!
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5:55 pm
somehow russian president putin is adamant there are no russian troops fighting in eastern ukraine. but vice news who has been doing some amazing reporting from the region appears to have found some evidence to the contrary. in a new episode that will air next friday on hbo, simon tracks the social media profile of one russian soldier and retraces his steps to see whether putin is telling the truth. >> this is the profile page of a popular social met work in russia. it is really hard to tell where the photographer was taken. lucky for us the soldier who posted it didn't turn off his location settings. >> yesterday i got a chance to sit down with simon to talk about the investigation, how he remains undeterred and continue to report from the region despite being held hostage by pro russian forces last year and how russian soldiers appear to
5:56 pm
be incriminating themselves by doing something most of us have done from time to time which is taking selfies. >> they do what everybody does. i mean it's not just millennials. everybody is doing selfies of themselves. it shows how hard it is for the russian government to keep anything secret anymore. russian soldiers themselves, are going to ukraine, being sent to ukraine by their government to fight there and they're taking snaps while they're at it. i decided the best way to prove this is happening, that the russian soldiers were sent to ukraine, because there is so much controversy information on line, you get shots coming across the twitter feed, facebook feed all the time. you don't know what can you believe. >> yeah. so there is a lot of sigh opens on both sides. >> yes. exactly. sure. and for a the love stuff gets posted about the ukrainian that's isn't true. a lot of stuff gets posted about the russian that's isn't true. so how do you differentiate what to believe? i thought the best way was to go and find the locations of some
5:57 pm
of the photographs to find out if they were photo shopped or not and take a picture of myself in the same place. >> so you basically go on the russian version of facebook which is how do you pronounce it? >> >> you fund a selfie. of course the best part is they didn't turn the coding off on the phone, right? it actually says where they are. >> some of them do. some of them don't. they don't have to turn off the location settings or turn on the location settings for you to be able to find the photograph. there are visual elements in the flaf can help you identify where it was taken. so each photograph that we reenacted was a different case. one of the photographs, you know took us straight to a russian base with geo location settings that's on the bored we are ukraine. the other photographs we had to actually literally go up and down the streets of a village in ukraine to find the exact house, you know that it was taken in front of to identify that it was the same spot. >> and then you go in and you actually take the picture of
5:58 pm
yourself posing in that location. >> right. i think that is like undisputable that if i went to ukraine and found the spot it's hard to argue that this guy wasn't in ukraine now. >> what are you making of this situation there right now? it was kind of a burning hot conflict. it got a little colder. there was a cease-fire. the ukrainians say the russians have been cheegt on it. they've been using it as a chance to send more weaponry in and more troops. you have essentially still this kind of breakaway republic with some form of semiautonomy although it's allied with russia. where is this conflict senate. >> i think the sanction that's the u.s. and the europeans have imposed against russia targeted economic sanctions, they worked up to an extent in terms of you know, staying russia's hand and trying to say form a land bridge between eastern ukraine and crimea which they annexed or taking over half of ukraine or
5:59 pm
taking over all of ukraine. but they haven't -- >> the pressure applied has stopped them in some way, stopped them in their tracks? >> i think the russian economy tanked. they don't want it to tank any further. they think the sanction that's they have now are hurting them bad enough. and they don't want to see the sactions sanctions be increased. what they haven't been tibl do send the conflict. that is on a simmer. and i think putin's tactical gains at this point, you know aren't to take over ukraine and tirely. they're to be able to keep ukraine in russia's fold. so as long as there's a conflict on the simmer in eastern ukraine that, means that ukraine can never really properly integrate into the european union, into nato, into western structures and that keeps it in moscow's orbit. for now, you know this is a goal and a situation that suits him. >> like handcuffing yourself to a spouse trying to leave you. >> exactly. >> simon, you're a great
6:00 pm
reporter and i'm glad to see you safe and sound. great to you have here. >> thank you for having me on. >> that is "all in" for this evening. >> thanks chris. thanks you to at home for joining us for the next hour. a few years ago an activists named angelo carosone he launched a campaign to get the macy's department store to dissociate it self from donald trump. he had a whole list of reasons. in the petition that he drew up he neatly sort of summed up those reasons as follows. he said "donald trump engages in especially unpleasant nasty and despicable behavior." i then gave a big long specific list about donald trump perpetuating the racially charged berther conspiracy and being publicly sexist and a hypocrite in terms of complaining about jobs being shipped overseas when his own branded merchandise is made overseas, big long list. so angelo wanted macies to dissociate themselves with


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